Introducing the new PTA…

Do you remember when you first got that new phone?

The feel? The excitement?

You checked it ALL. THE. TIME.

While drinking coffee. During lunch. On the toilet. (#noJudgment)

It was like a brand new relationship, fulfilling, invigorating, and all warm and fuzzy.

But pretty soon, the glamour wore off, and you realized – it was just a phone.

And all those improved selfies taken with the extra cameras (and millions more pixels) didn’t result in any more calls. No new texts.

And you were *sad panda*

So, fast forward, and now you binge watch Netflix from your phone – while everyone else binge watches on TV on your so-called “Family Night.”

But before you install some new, and trendy app that promises to bring your loveless relationship with your phone back to life (while promising to NOT steal your data) why not give your sad, tired phone a much-needed face lift?

Install any of the new FREE or Premium Samsung Themes from Phoenix Webworks (just look for the [PTA]) and infuse some life back into that tired phone face.

It’s better than botox. It’s cheaper than a whole new wardrobe. And you can try them on (usually) without spilling your wine. =)

About Us

Phoenix Webworks has been in the business of creating websites and beautiful interfaces since 2012. The brainchild of a web developer and a game artist with more than 45 years experience between them, Phoenix Webworks was originally focused on building websites to support thriving health coaches, brilliant light bringers, and budding female entrepreneurs, now we are excited to be moving into more mobile and creative ventures building themes and apps for Samsung Galaxy devices.  In addition to creating themes, we plan to publish “faces” to be used with Samsung Watches and Gear. ​

You can get all the details regarding new releases and what’s coming by signing up to our News, or by following our Facebook page.

Interested in our themes and apps? From a Samsung device, click here (or the button below) to view all of our themes currently in the Theme Store.