“Help! I’ve been hacked.”, my prospective client said.

“But that’s not supposed to happen, right? I mean, it’s WordPress, right? Everyone uses it.”

Exactly. Everyone uses it – so hackers sit around and try to hack it.

It happens, especially when you don’t keep up with your shit. And sometimes, even when you *do* keep up with your shit.

I mean, I keep up with my upgrades and maintenance (do you?) – but I still got hacked once (in a matter of HOURS) after installing a simple plugin on my website.

Here’s the thing though…

Thinking you’ll never get hacked is kinda like thinking you’ll never die. (And it has to happen sometime.)

I’m a web developer. Proven. Corporations pay me money to do what I do, and let me tell you something…

It can take DAYS to recover from a hack. I charge $120 a hour consulting fee – you do the math.

Hello! Do you know what that means?

  • Missed appointments. Current clients couldn’t make appointments.
  • Lost leads! (This is a BIGGIE!)
  • No sales.
  • Tarnished reputation. (I mean, are you legit or what?)

And you know what that also means? You lost them. They found someone else. They’re with another coach or practitioner now and you likely won’t get them back.

And it can happen to anyone. Even you.

So here’s what I want to offer you….


Think of it as insurance for your website.

….. And like a good neighbor…..

For $99 a month or $999 a year, I will:

  • Set up basic uptime monitoring. Know how reliable your website is.
  • Add industry suggested and approved plugins to speed up and protect your site.
  • Theme Updates.
  • Plugin Upgrades.
  • Removal of spam comments. Too many spam comments can slow down your website.
  • Clear table overhead. As your MySQL database grows it can slow down your website performance.
  • DB & File backups. These can be stored on your hosting server or sent to:
  • Migration of any custom code to your new upgraded plugins and themes.

PLUS! Hack Protection. If you get hacked, you will have me on-the-hook to get you back online ASAP with no additional charges.
No matter how long it takes.

What is your website security worth to you?