A client recently ask me if she should have a blog on her website? Further, she asked, “Why do people blog anyway?”

Believe it or not, there are lots of motivations for blogging.

But first, what’s a blog?

A blog is a “web log”. A log is a list of events, thoughts, or ideas and a web log is  being a web based or online version of a log. Hence the name “blog”.

So, why have one?

The most obvious reason is because you have passion and purpose and you have something to say that you need to be heard.

Another and perhaps better reason to blog is to feed search engines (Google!) with fresh, updated content. Search engines index your site at regular intervals and keep a snapshot of your site on file. If your site stays the same (nothing changes) from one snapshot to the next, the search engines will start visiting your site less frequently until eventually they stop coming altogether. A blog is a good reason for the search engine spiders to keep coming back to your site.

This is why blogging became so popular.

But perhaps the best reason to blog is to establish yourself as a market leader in your niche. Giving away your knowledge and insights in your chosen industry… well,  sets you up as a market leader and helps to build trust with your audience (the know, like, trust factor). The more useful your insights are, the more loyal a following you will build. And we all know

People buy from those they trust.

So with an emphatic YES, you should blog and you should blog often.

Make a 300 – 400 word post once a week around a specific topic related to your niche. Keep it focused and brief. Give search engines a reason to visit you and build trust with your readers.