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As an entrepreneur, building your own website can be a challenging task, especially for someone that is not very technologically savvy. I reached out to Christy Hall, when I was in need of truly taking my business to the next level and attracting a higher level of clientele. Previously I had built my own website and was not very happy with the results. I remember going to networking events or even sharing my business card and never felt truly satisfied with the website I was showing the world.

I met Christy through a seminar in Oklahoma City and heard that she did websites. I chose Christy to help me because of her warmth and kind nature that she portrayed and truly felt that her attention to detail and ability to communicate made her the best candidate for the job. After seeing a few examples of previous websites she had built, I knew that she was one for me.

Throughout the entire process Christy was AMAZING! She was extremely easy to communicate with, held me accountable for the aspects of the website that I was supposed to send her, and put together a website better than I could have ever imagined. I have never been so happy with a website before in my life. Since my site has gone online, I have gotten multiple clients who have hired me just because of the professional layout of my website. To anyone who is on the fence about using Christy Hall, I must say that she is the real deal. She brings a true sense of professionalism and warmth to her work and really cares about her clients. She will work with your timeline and is an expert at what she does. The best part about working with Christy was that I truly felt she cared about my business and wanted to see succeed. Thank you Christy, you are a true master of your craft!


You have truly been expedient and overall amazing in helping two House generations find their tails. In the coming little while, I may call on you for some expertise. Thank you.

Henry House

University Florist

“I was so fortunate to have an opportunity to work with Christy. She helped move two of my websites www.MasterTheArtOfChange.com and www.MathCoachOlga.com to a new host as well as set up my and installed my world press account. I absolutely loved the experience: Christy is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and professional. The website look phenomenal, just like I’ve imagined. I know it would take me forever to get it done myself. With her help it was up and running in no time!! I highly recommend Christy to anyone who need help with website services!!”

Olga Bochareva

By the way, thanks for your efforts to fix the website. It has really improved the number and quality of questions we receive. GOOD JOB!

Ramiro C.

With your talents and skills we can really go far…

Robert Smith

I have new profound respect for you. I was revamping, overhauling and redesigning everything and it is frustrating! I had to do a temp site on wordpress.com for people to go ahead and buy – but it is more difficult to do a free blog than a blog with your own domain and hosting. It was insane. So glad I contacted you.

What you charge for overhauling is DAMN WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Mellisa Hill

Firebrand Society

Christy Hall has a comprehensive understanding of website creation and development. Her easy and effective communication and technical expertise provided me with easy solutions for the specific needs of setting-up “appointment” and “payment package “pages for my Holistic Life Coaching site. Christy created the pages in a very timely manner, and at a reasonable cost that was within my budget.


Christy is a delightful person and an excellent professional webmaster. I highly recommend Phoenix Webworks services and will not hesitate to use them again and again!

Jerry C.

Reiki Tumo Practitioner, 3 Wings Development

We appreciate your support on the websites that our clients heavily depend on. You do an excellent job coordinating with our various teams and you continue to surprise us by building enhancements and solutions of high complexity. Your ability to quickly troubleshoot and examine the underlying databases and website code is essential to keeping our websites operating properly. You are an invaluable resource in understanding our business model and how it integrates with our website and cash-flow, as well as prioritizing and organizing all the various the work we need done.


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Simply great just what I needed for my facebook page Insightful, Inspirational, Upbeat and Beautiful. Thank You


Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

OMG! That is so lovely. Thank you so much Christy Hall. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Denali Dragonfly

Options To Live Well

Great work. had a question before starting the gig. She answered quickly! Work was as promised and completed in just a few hours! Nice work.

Scott Morrison

Scott D Morrison

Christy does great work! She created fabulous personalized images/quotes for my business MooreBetterFood. Can’t wait to put them into action!

Dianne McChesney Moore


Oh my goodness Christy these are fabulous!! Thank you so much I absolutely love each and every one and can’t wait to start using them on my page and blog. You can’t imagine how helpful these are for me. I feel like these images will help take my page to that next level and I’m so very appreciative. Thanks again!

Cindy S.

Yoga Wellness Cafe

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