Video is all the rage today and with good reason.  High speed internet and streaming technologies are continually getting faster and more widespread. This means that more and more people can easily watch videos from their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Video is becoming the preferred content viewing method for a lot of people. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo receive the lion’s share of internet traffic, but as bandwidth increases – video’s popularity will too.

A lot of coaches, healers, and practitioners still have not broken into the video world. I believe this is mostly because they are scared. Scared to get out there and be seen.  This is really a shame because there are many profitable ways to use video in online marketing. No matter what your business model, online video can be helpful.

SO, I’ve put together a list for you of 8 Ways Video Can Help You Grow Your Business Online.

  1. Marketing: Videos are great for marketing. You can make video ads that are like commercials. Or try your hand at interesting or entertaining videos that could go viral, or even a combination of the two.
  2. Traffic Generation: Even if you don’t have your own product or package ready, you can use videos to generate traffic and interest about what you are creating. This can help you test whether your product, package, or service is viable.
  3. Product Creation: Because video is such a popular form of media, product buyers will appreciate having videos available in any packages they buy. Don’t tell them – show them.
  4. Sales Presentations: If you have your own products, packages, or services, videos can enhance your sales pages and increase conversions considerably.
  5. Teaching: If your primary business model involves teaching something, video can be a great way to deliver your content. Many people learn much better by watching videos than by reading instructions.
  6. Reviews: Reviews are a very powerful selling tool, and client video reviews have the potential to be even more powerful than written reviews.
  7. Website Content: Videos also make great content for websites and blogs. The popularity of video blogging (vlogging) has really taken off, and more and more people are seeking content in this format. This is a great way for your client to get to know you. Build that “know. like, trust factor.”
  8. Branding: Videos are awesome for branding. They allow you to repeat your product name or your own name repeatedly and really burn it into their brains. =) Videos also allow for product placement. You can put a name or URL directly on the video itself. There are so many ways to use video for branding purposes.

There are so many ways to use videos to help build your business.